bluemoonrover said: On a similar note, you've inspired me to write and draw my own comics. For a long time I thought I'd need an artist that wasn't me, but honestly, when it comes to reading and writing, the only thing you can do is practice. And drawing a comic is a good way to get better, I think. So, here's an ask for all those writers who want you to draw their comic: Why don't you get a pencil and start drawing it yourself?

This is actually an answer I like to give to writers when they ask me the question of how they can attract an artist, “Have you considered drawing your comic yourself?” I get that not everyone draws, or has the capacity and patience (and time and momentum) to learn drawing, but take it from me, drawing is a skill, and it is something many people can learn. So why not give it a try?

Want proof that drawing is a skill that can be learned? Here’s the very first page of my old webcomic Demonology 101 that I drew back in 1999. And in comparison, here is page 1 of Friends With Boys, which was drawn in 2009. So that’s 10 years of hard work and learning to draw, and me putting my butt in a chair every weekend and PRACTICING. Did you know that before I was published, I’d done over 1,000 UNPAID pages of online comics? Just because I liked making comics! Most of those pages sucked, but who cared? I was doing it for loooove.

So look at the first comic page I posted, the one from 1999. Does that seem like a super talented artist you’d like to have draw your script? Nah, probably not. I was pretty terrible at drawing, but I practiced a lot, got better and now to my astonishment, I make my living at it. And even if you can only draw stick figures, hey, XKCD seems to be a pretty well-liked comic.

I guess my point is, with the rise of the internet and the explosion of comic drawing styles that are not typical super-detailed Superhero Comics, there’s a lot of leeway for people who are not so great at drawing right off the bat. That’s pretty much how I got started, and I wouldn’t have gotten started if I’d decided to be a published author right off the bat.

So, you want to write comics? Make some sucky ones, draw ‘em yourself, and stick ‘em on the internet. Make lots and lots of comics! You might improve and you might fall in love with the drawing aspect of it. You might end up a cartoonist, someone who writes AND draws, and you’ll never have to beg another artist to draw your script again. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Anyway. Getting some interesting responses to my original ramble. I appreciate very much those who got my point, and expanded a bit on the subject. One thing tho: I really was not trying to be mean with that original post. And I don’t think I was, although maybe my frustration with dealing with a LOT of these requests was showing a bit. So, sorry if you thought I was mean, I hope that will not dampen your enjoyment of my work, but I felt like I needed to make a statement about these requests for work. I’d like to point out that I’ve been making comics regularly online and off since 1999, and this is the first time I’ve made this kind of post. I think I was plenty patient.

In conclusion, go and make comics. Make ‘em ‘cause you love ‘em, and the right people will notice.

Eventually. (Only took me like 9 years.)