Last of Us: American Dreams concept sketches! 

The first three sketches were my original pitch sketches, drawn before I got the job. I spent a feverish Sunday searching for Last of Us screenshots, watching the trailer repeatedly and trying to find a way to translate what I saw in the game into comic form. At the time I didn’t know that the comic would take place a year before the game, so I drew Ellie as she was in the game, complete with that cool palm tree t-shirt (well, I *think* they’re palm trees… shirt’s kind of faded). 

The other two sketches are of Ellie and Riley. I have some sketchier stuff of Riley earlier designs, so maybe I’ll post those at some later date … anyway, Riley’s look was left completely up to me, which was really great. I really wanted her to be a young woman of colour, someone poised and assertive, the tough older girl who knows a little more about the world and how it works than Ellie does. I’m really looking forward to drawing her and Ellie, and … well, all the other stuff. ;)