This exchange was so early on in the show! Season 1 or 2, I can’t quite remember. I love it.

Just finished watching season 3, & now taking a break to watch some bad movies. I can’t want TNG all the time, I get overwhelmed by all the emotions I feel about it. *_*

I’m sure every young nerdling has this experience in their growing up time, but I remember for many of my teenage years feeling ashamed of my enjoyment of Star Trek, like I’d failed some better part of me who only read Important Books and wanted to be an Important Writer when I grew up (I was a troubled teenager). Finally coming to the realization that I should embrace what I liked, admit my geekery and I’d be a much happier person was the most freeing moment of my life. 

The geek shall set you free. *_*

The tunics in the first two seasons were made of spandex and featured a department-colored “rim” in the black shoulder area. They’re wearing the wool tunics that came around in the third season. (Geordi was also in red for the first season, being part of the bridge crew.) In addition they’re clearly in a shuttlepod (not shuttlecraft) which, for budget reasons, was all they could construct early on. As the show continued to grow in popularity, they would replace the shuttlepod set with larger and larger shuttlecraft sets. >.> So I’d put this at 3rd or 4th season at best, even without knowing the episode it came from.


You are totally correct, many apologies! It was season 3, episode 8, where the Enterprise hosts a bidding war between several factions for rights to a stable wormhole. :D It also included a scene where Troi and Dr.Crusher work out in futuristic … uh, spandex

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