Shiro and Rat. 
Sigh. These kids are so hard to draw, and they still don’t look right; their design still isn’t hitting my sweet spot. Designing characters for comics is hard and so important, and often I don’t think people take it as seriously as they should. The way your character looks defines who they are and how the reader responds to them. Designing characters for comics is different from designing them for animation (there are some factors you don’t have to take into consideration), but it amazes me when people don’t take the time to make their characters work visually on the comic page. It’s more than just putting a shirt on a body type, everything we wear says something about who we are and what we want and where we belong as a human being, and comics miss that SO DANG HARD sometimes. Clark Kent’s glasses & suit say just as much about him as a character as his Superman outfit. 

Anyway. Some day I will get these guys right. Or die trying.