TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival) comics! They are pretty silly, but I wanted to say that I had a really wonderful time at TCAF. I got to see some awesome comic peeps and the response to my comics (Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong debuted there) was AMAZING. So many people saying they loved my work! It was a bit overwhelming, actually. ^^;;

Thanks to everyone who came by my table & came to my panels. Thanks to the wonderful organizers and volunteers who make TCAF an inspiring comics festival! Whenever I am at TCAF, I see nothing but good things for comics, which is pretty much the best feeling you can ever have about this thing I have made my career, my life, my passion. 

Also, love to my boyfriend Tim, who has been to four previous TCAFs with me as support. Hopefully next year we’ll be exhibiting together as a comics couple. ;)