So I’ve written a bunch about making a successful comic pitch, but how about pitches that fail? Sometimes they totally do! Sometimes it’s because the story isn’t right for the publisher, and other times things get rejected because the publisher is like “nooooo, what are you thinking? No one wants to read that!’ XD

Here is an example of a story idea I pitched to a bunch of publishers, who (very rightly so!) rejected the hell out of it. This usually kills a story for me. I mean, at this point, making comics is my job, and if something isn’t selling, I need to put it aside and focus on things that will. And most of the time, when I return to that rejected pitch, I can see why it was rejected and I hate it. But this pitch, I still kind of love. XD

It’s called Afterlife Inc, and it is straight up the weirdest, dumbest thing. I think it would make either a fun webcomic or one of those Urban Fantasy books that are popular now. It would make a TERRIBLE graphic novel, probably! It’s about people who work in this business that provides service to the “Newly Dead,” (it’s all explained up there, more or less), and the main character is kind of dead herself. It’s kind of old & angsty in a way that feels like student work to me, plus it’s so high concept it’s hard to imagine what kind of comic it’d be. It is very rightly my Most Rejected Comic. Still, I found this art on my harddrive yesterday, and that one bit with DG confidently telling the interviewer “you’re welcome” after she corrects him just fricking kills me. XD

I thought you would enjoy some of the pitch stuff. I have more & can post it if there’s interest.