Ok, since people asked nicely, here is the rest of the Afterlife Inc pitch (click here for Part 1)! XD In the first 4 images, Finley explains why it sucks to be dead. The rest are spot illustrations to build the world. 

A couple people were asking why I thought this pitch wouldn’t make a good graphic novel: for me, it has to do with readership and format. I think this story would make a good webcomic or floppy comic (maybe at somewhere like Image), because it’s very meandering and would benefit from serialized storytelling to build the weirdness of the world its set in. Plus, the web LOVES weird stuff! I mean, look at all your lovely faces, saying you’d like to read this. ;) You’re all very sweet.

Anyway. This is just a story I have, that someday may see the light of day, but it’s unlikely to become a priority anytime soon. Enjoy the pitch. :)