Hey guys, I’m a part of the Cautionary Fables and Fairy Tales (Africa edition) anthology edited by Kel Mcdonald. We’re Kickstarting it now, so if you’d like to support the project by contributing, please do so! My story is 9 pages long, and there are lots of other great artists taking part. Go here for the Kickstarter info. 

I decided to do a sci-fi take on my fairy tale, because I’ve wanted to do something sci-fy-ish for a while and it’s unlikely I’ll have time otherwise. The guy in the bottom left of panel 1, don’t you love his space hat? That is a super cool space hat. XD

Edit: Oh, I forgot to mention: one of the backer rewards are the original pages from this comic. So you have a chance to own an original page by me! Since I don’t normally sell my originals, this is kind of a rare opportunity.