I was sick a little while back, and sick of being sick. I decided I wanted to remain upright and at least sort of productive, but didn’t feel up to actually working. So I drew some Korra fanart. 

SO AMAZING. Haha! I mauled the crap out of the paper so that it was pretty much un-inkable, so decided to use my snazzy lightbox to ink the drawing on to another sheet of paper. However, because I draw with light blue col-erase, I couldn’t see the sketch well enough through the paper to ink it properly. So I made a graphite sketch on top of this one:

I used the graphite sketch to change what I didn’t like about the original sketch (her legs and shoulder angle, mostly). I don’t ever draw with graphite, because … well, see the first sketch? My sketches are crazy messy when I begin, and the blue pencil, which is waxy and doesn’t smudge, works better for me. (I have this weird habit of unconsciously rubbing the side of my hand across the paper as I work, which leaves a large blue patch on the side of my right hand.) So then I put another sheet of paper on top of the graphite sketch, and inked on top of that:

Ta da! The original doesn’t have the blue tint, but y’know, Water Triiiiiibe! :D

Anyway, I don’t normally work this way (I usually go from blue pencil sketch straight to inks, on the same piece of paper), but it was an interesting exercise for a sick day. :)